Overall copyright of the UK Christian Web network of sites

The UK Christian Web network of sites includes, but is not limited to, UK Christian Web | UK Christian Bookshop | UK Christian Website Directory, and the following applies to all sites across the whole of UK Christian Web:

  • All content, layout, databases etc are Copyright UK Christian Web unless otherwise stated.
  • No part of UK Christian Web network of sites can be reproduced in any form or any media unless written permission has been obtained except where otherwise stated.
  • None of the databases on the UK Christian Web network are for sale or distribution in any form. Distribution of any unauthorised information from the UK Christian Web network is strictly forbidden. Information will be provided to the appropriate authorities where necessary.
  • Any attempts to spam or take data from any part of the UK Christian Web network will be investigated and reported to the relevant authorities.


If you need to contact us about copyright

Although the entire UK Christian Web network of sites is copyrighted and not available for reproduction in any form or any media, there may be some articles within the UK Christian Web network that are available in the public domain and other articles which are copyrighted by their respective authors but used with permission.

We have tried to ensure that we have either provided the correct credits for copyrighted material reproduced within UK Christian Web where applicable or provided appropriate links to the best of our understanding in relation to the copyright information given – sometimes this copyright information can be very complicated or a little vague.

If the copyright for a particular article, link or other item has not been provided or is incorrect or has something missing, please contact us advising us of the exact nature of the problem and we will seek to correct the problem or if necessary remove the content.


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