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Content Warning

While we always try to ensure that content on the UK Christian Web network of sites is suitable, some parts of the UK Christian Web network might contain a substantial amount of non-Christian content or links to pages with non-Christian content and it is possible some of this content may occasionally be offensive. We can’t unfortunately guarantee that information posted on these parts of the site, or sites linked to, will always be free of material which might offend.

However, you can help us by please reporting inappropriate content to us immediately and we will investigate – this will help us as we can’t easily keep track of the entire site the whole time. In particular watch out for adverts and for content in sites linked from UKCW network and in particular links and articles posted by members. Include as much information as you can about the content and where you found it on the network, and supply a link to a page with offensive content, or external site linked from the UK Christian Web network.


Why include adverts such as Google Ads and others?

This website is provided to you for free (though you can choose to spend money in the Bookstore!) – but the hosting, design, updates, systems and gathered information here cost money to generate – one way of generating some income to help fund the site is to include these adverts on pages. Please let us know if you spot adverts which you do not think should be displayed on this website as this helps us monitor them. If you buy directly through the UK Christian Web network, we do receive a very small commission on each sale which goes into helping fund this website.


Please remember at all times to use your discernment when viewing any of our web pages.


Thank you.


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