Which of the many available mainstream Bible translations is your main choice?

There are so many different Christian Bible translations and versions across a broad spectrum from literal interpretation to paraphrase and everything inbetween!

Sometimes Christians are fortunate enough to have access to multiple versions of the Bible, and will often have a particular favourite that they turn to first.

Please cast your vote before looking at the results, or reading the article links below! Also, try not to consider the question for too long before voting!

Which version of the Bible do you use the most?

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General information about mainstream Christian Bible translations

A brief sunmmary of mainstream translations at biblestudytools.com

Which is the best Bible translation? biblesociety.org.uk

A brief history of Bible translation at wycliffe.org.uk

A visual guide to choosing the best translation at logos.com

Information and links about translations on UK Christian Web.

Buy a Bible translation today…

Search for and buy a Bible translation today at UK Christian Web Bookshop.

Access and read different Bible translations online

A few of the many available website that provide various tools and information on reading the Bible including online searchable Bibles.







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