UK Christian Events and Christian Conferences 2024

We are continuing to compile a list of key UK Christian events and Christian conferences, Bible weeks & exhibitions that happen all around the UK on a regular basis. We’ve made a start, but this list is always open to being added to, and is not intended to be exhaustive! It is designed to be a ‘launch pad’ so you can access information that you might need or search further for yourself.

Christian Festivals are important!

Christian local and national ‘live’ events are very important for gathering, encouragement and teaching with like-minded people. In recent times, it seems there has been a decline in popularity of some larger events such as Spring Harvest and New Wine. Soul Survivor came to an end in 2019 as reported by the BBC.

However, we at UK Christian Web think these kinds of festivals remain important part of enabling Christians to encourage one another on a national level. These large scale events also help keep the church more widely connected beyond local community.

The future of UK Christian events and Christian conferences

Longer term, into 2024 and 2025, we don’t yet fully know how things will develop, especially now with the cost of living crisis and other factors still impacting through 2023 into 2024.

We hope and pray that things continue to recover well, and festivals are able to weather the – hopefully – temporary difficulties they are currently facing and that 2024 will see further recovery for UK Christian events and Christian conferences and festivals.

More information…

To find more UK Christian festivals and events, try one of the following sites:

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Other general events sites and portals which may include details of local UK Christian events and Christian conferences, Bible weeks & exhibitions:

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Should your UK Christian event, festival or conference be included on this page, or is there an event missing? Let us know… (links suggested are not guaranteed to be added. Due to limited resources, unfortunately we cannot guarantee a response to correspondence).

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