Christian Dating in the UK

In the past, Christian dating via the internet and websites for online Christian dating had been viewed quite negatively, but over time, there has been a massive shift as people have realised that their potential partner may not be in the local area. In years gone by, before the internet, your local community would probably have been the first place you thought you were most likely to meet someone.

Now, however, things are very different. Due to wider networking events, and the explosion in the internet’s reach, much of the stigma assoicated with trying to find someone ‘online’ has faded and been replaced by a fresh optimism and hope in finding ‘the one’ – or just a great new friend or group of friends. All that said, we wholeheartedly endorse surfing safety first when venturing into online friendship, fellowship and dating.

Links to some well-known UK Christian Dating and Singles websites

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Online friendships, churches, networks and communities

There is no doubt that the internet has enabled a level of continuation of church related relationships and meetings during Covid and generated for many churches the need to embrace technology and set up Zoom meetings, video conferences etc. However, we at Christian Web, as ironic as it may be since we’re only available online, would always endorse the benefit of safe, real-life face-to-face interaction whenever and wherever possible.

God is a relational God, and we are made in His image, so we too are relational beings at our core. The internet can only go so far. That’s why we’re just a ‘launch-pad’, not a solution!

If you don’t have a church nearby, or there’s no-one that you can relate to in your local area, or simply there isn’t a church near enough that you can get to, then the internet can be a real help. This can either be in finding somewhere to go, or to meet others online for fellowship, or who have a specific calling similar to your own.

Websites focussed on Christian forums, fellowship, friendship, community, networking

Below we have started to gather some links to various websites that offer mainly UK focussed Christian forums, friendship, community and networking services, groups and resources.

This page is by no means exhaustive, and will be added to over time. You can suggest a link for consideration to be added to this page here. You can add a church website entry to our FREE UK Church Database here.