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An A to Z of Bible reading notes available to help you read regularly or study the Bible.

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There are many translations available of the Bible – how do you choose?

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Bible dictionaries, concordances, commentaries and other resources.

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Where can you find free online daily devotionals and Bible reading notes?

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Christian college and theological colleges list. Opportunities to study on a Christian course.

Articles about the Bible

Daily Devotionals from Heartlight

Daily Devotionals from Heartlight

Daily Devotionals for Christians from At Christian Web we are all about finding the best Christian content available on the web – and that includes content not necessarily just from the UK. Heartlight recently caught our eye, so in this post, we offer...

Where are you grounded?

Where are you grounded?

Another beautifully simple message from the Bible I was reading Luke 8:4-15 earlier today, and it struck me how beautifully simple the message is. It reveals how important and valuable God's word is, and what happens in different situations when God's word is heard....

The law and Jesus and grace and love

The law and Jesus and grace and love

Thoughts and musings on a 'big picture' Biblical response to the issue of the law and relation to Jesus, grace, love.   We can't ignore the law We cannot ignore the law, but we, in our own strength cannot achieve it's high standards, for the law has a purpose to...

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