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About this website

Our aim is ultimately to be a central resource and starting point for those seeking Christian content with a focus on the UK and beyond. We look at general, positive Christianity, but also tackle some of the Challenges Christians and Christianity is facing in the 21st century.

With the exception of factual information we don’t generally tend to post about or discuss other religions / beliefs / sects / mindsets and philosophies. This site’s focus is for information and discussion about Christianity, and in particular Christianity in the UK.

We’re working hard to continue improving the sites with new additions and updates. The entire UK Christian Web network and websites are a group of on-going and expanding projects including UK focussed articles, news, links, jobs, bookstore and more.

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Why is this website here? (the vision and history)

Although the network has changed over the years since we first launched, much of it still remains committed to the original vision and aims of the site. These were:

  • To bring together in one place useful Christian information focused on the UK and Christian information and websites from around the world.
  • Use this web site as a launch pad to further study and information about Christianity on the internet.
  • To make the web more accessible to Christians.
  • To fill and maintain a need for a web site with a bias towards UK content but including content drawn from a variety of sources and from all around the internet for UK Christians and beyond.
  • To seek out and link to Christian content from all over the internet.


Always interested to take a look at good Christian content

We are currently looking for appropriate articles and information to add to our Christianity sections – particularly ones about the tough questions in life and Christianity, Bible studies and other useful articles. Visit here to contact us about submitting articles you’ve written or getting information from your site reviewed for possible publication on UKCW too.

Please contact us if you think you might be able to help. Click here to contact us. Please note submission of content does not automatically imply acceptance or publication. UKCW reserves the right at all to choose the content that is published on the site.

Some history of UK Christian Web

UK Christian Web has been on-line since 2000. Before that it was previously called Trev’s UK Christian Contacts – which started life as a small Christian links database back in the mid 1990s. Since 2000, UK Christian Web has been through many design versions until the latest you are using now. More detailed information can be found here.

  • To read the UK Christian Web basic statement of faith, CLICK HERE.
  • If you would like to link to us, CLICK HERE.

Please Note

Some areas of the UKCW site contain some non-Christian content, and/or link to web pages outside the UK. Note that we don’t have control over content on these pages, the adverts which appear on various pages nor on the pages linked from UKCW. Please always use your discernment when viewing any web page.

Privacy and Cookies

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General Disclaimers

All parts of the UK Christian Web Network and sites are provided for you to use entirely at your own risk. You should in all cases read and adhere to the terms and conditions for each part of the site (they can differ depending which site you are on). Note that we are not responsible and do not have full control over the content of some parts of the site and network, so please E-mail us if you spot something which you don’t think should be on UK Christian Web. A link anywhere on the UK Christian Web site does not mean that we automatically agree with the doctrinal teaching / religious grounding of the linked site.

While we value your data and will safeguard your information on the UK Christian Web site, by using UK Christian Web you accept that, as with any online service, we cannot guarantee absolutely one hundred percent to keep your information from unforseen circumstances. We do not knowingly send out any information to third parties other than that specifically required for the services on the site such as cookies or Google analytics and information via the UK Christian Bookshop for which the secure ordering is provided by Bookshop.org who are responsible in that context for your information. Please see our privacy policy and cookie policy for further information.

UKCW reserves the right to choose and change the content that is published on the site at any time and without warning.

External Links and Links Website

Information on the UK Christian Web network of sites is gathered from many sources, so please be aware some of these will have their own very individual distinctives. We do try to keep most content in line with what we would consider mainstream Christianity, and avoid cults (unless for informational purposes), extremes of mainstream, extreme doctrines and so on. Information on the site is intended simply to help as a ‘launch-pad’ for exploring and seeking christian content on the internet. It is not an exhaustive start point, and it is being expanded all the time. You can help us by suggest good and appropriate content for the site. Not all areas of the UK Christian Web site adhere to our general statement of faith. In addition, some content and advertising is operated by non-Christian sites. Because of this we ask that you always use your discernment when viewing web content of any kind whether on this site or on any sites linked from here.

There is no guarantee that any content at any time will be in agreement with the UKCW general statement of faith since information is pulled from a wide range of sources. It is accepted for this reason that there will be differences of opinion in regards to theological and doctrinal issues both with content displayed on the site, and with content on any website linked from a UKCW site. While the aim is to keep the site mainstream, it is impossible to check the validity and background to every item of content, and every website linked to. Because of this we ask that you always use your discernment when viewing web content of any kind whether on this site or on any sites linked from here.

With the exception of factual information we don’t post about other religions / beliefs / sects / mindsets and philosophies, this site is for information and discussion about Christianity only, and in particular Christianity in the UK.

The Bookshop

The bookshop shop we are linked to is an affiliate partnership with Bookshop.org. Any complaints or enquiries regarding the shop and ordering should be directed towards your Bookshop.org account. Please be sure to read Bookshop.org’s terms and conditions of sale, privacy policy, security and cookie information before making a purchase from the bookshop. Disclosure: If you buy books via links to Bookshop.org. from our website, we may earn a commission from Bookshop.org, whose overall sales partly go to support independent bookshops. Purchasing from this website will help you to keep our work going, and also helps all participating independent bookshops – including any Christian bookshops participating – because when you buy here, participating independent bookshops receive a share of an overall earnings pool that is regularly, evenly divided and distributed to stores.

Copyright information

The UK Christian Web network of sites includes, but is not limited to, UK Christian Web | UK Christian Bookshop | UK Christian Business Directory | UK Christian Jobs | Christian ecards and the following applies to all sites across the whole of UK Christian Web:

  • All content, layout, databases etc are Copyright UK Christian Web unless otherwise stated.
  • No part of UK Christian Web network of sites can be reproduced in any form or any media unless written permission has been obtained except where otherwise stated.
  • None of the databases on the UK Christian Web network are for sale or distribution in any form. Distribution of any unauthorised information from the UK Christian Web network is strictly forbidden. Information will be provided to the appropriate authorities where necessary.
  • Any attempts to spam or take data from any part of the UK Christian Web network will be investigated and reported to the relevant authorities.
  • All the information across all UK Christian Web sites, including the directory, main, bookshop, ecards and jobs sites are not for sale to third parties, and it is not to be re-published, copied, re-packaged, altered, distributed or used in any other way or place apart from on our websites unless written permission has been obtained except where otherwise clearly stated on the website, such as where Creative Commons information has been posted for example. This entire suite of sites is Copyright UK Christian Web.

If you need to contact us about copyright

Although the entire UK Christian Web network of sites is copyright UK Christian Web, and not available for reproduction in any form or any media, there will be articles within the UK Christian Web network that are available in the public domain and other articles which are copyrighted by their respective authors.

We have tried to ensure that we have either provided the correct credits for copyrighted material reproduced within UK Christian Web where applicable or provided appropriate links to the best of our understanding in relation to the copyright information given – sometimes this copyright information can be very complicated or a little vague.

If the copyright for a particular article, link or other item has not been provided or is incorrect or has something missing, please contact us advising us of the exact nature of the problem and we will seek to correct the problem or if necessary remove the content as soon as possible.


While we always try to ensure that content on the UK Christian Web site is suitable, some parts of the web site might contain a substantial amount of non-Christian content or links to pages with non-Christian content and it is possible some of this content may occasionally be offensive. We can’t unfortunately guarantee that information posted on these parts of the site will always be free of material which might offend.

However, you can help us by please reporting inappropriate content to us immediately – this will help us to keep better track of the advertising over time as we can’t easily keep track of the entire site the whole time. In particular watch out for adverts and for content in sites linked from UKCW. Include as much information as you can about the content and where you found it on the site, or supply a link to an offensive site linked from UK Christian Web.

Why include adverts such as Google Ads and others?

This website is provided to you for free (though you can choose to spend money in the Bookstore!) – but the hosting, design, updates, systems and gathered information and articles here cost money to generate. One way we can generate some income to help fund the site is to include Google adverts on all pages. Another way would be to have sponsorship in some way (mainstream Christian ministries and businesses feel free to contact us!) Our Christian Bookstore is one of the best way you can help support this ministry. If you buy through the UK Christian Bookstore, we do receive a very small commission on each sale which goes into helping run this website.

Please remember at all times to use your discernment when viewing any of our web pages.

Thank you.

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