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UK Christian information hub offering services to help your Christian life, ministry or business.

UK Christian information hub offering services to help your Christian life, ministry or business.

UK Christian information hub offering services to help your Christian life, ministry or business.


Grab a coffee or tea (if you haven’t already), and make yourself at home. We’re glad you found our UK Christian information hub. We’ve been busy completely re-inventing UK Christian Web and we are here to help you get to some of the best Christian content available online. We have a particular focus on the UK first, but also look beyond to bring you great resources for your Christian life and ministry. Begin your journey with us by choosing a resource below…


Christian Business & Resources


What is a Christian?

Did you arrive here by accident? Wondering what it means to be a Christian?

UK Christian Jobs Board

A free Christian jobs board for the UK. Join as an employer and post jobs or search for jobs and apply.

Send free Christian eCards

Encourage someone today! Send them one of our exclusive and free Christian Bible verse e-Card

Bible Discovery

Articles, information and discussion about the Bible. Buy Bibles or study books.

Buy Christian Resources

Buy great Christian resources to help you in your faith journey and Christian life from our Bookshop.


UK Christian Forums

Take part in online Christian discussion and fellowship with the UK focussed Christian forums.

Christian News & Life

Daily Christian news and general information about the Christian life and faith.

Christian Media & Politics

Useful links to information on politics, Christian TV and media.

UK Christian Directories

Help getting you to the UK specific Christian websites you’re looking for. A launchpad to great Christian content.

Christian Fellowship

Information and links to help you connect with others looking for Christian fellowship or relationship.

UK Christian Business Directory

UK Christian business directory. Add your UK Christian business, ministy or charity details for free.

Vote in Christian Polls

Cast your vote on tricky subjects related to Christianity with our polls. You can comment in our forums too!

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UK Christian Web popular articles

Submit content or become a voluntary content curator...

Get in touch if you have content for review that might be relevant for us to include on this website, or if you would like to become a regular contributor to the site. Send us your feedback, or you can suggest any information about UK Christian resources you think might be helpful and encouraging to others.

Find and buy popular Bibles

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UK Christian Web is a suite of mainly free services including a Christian links directory, jobs board, forums, ecards, blogs, fellowship to help you in your Christian life. These are all with a particular focus on the UK, but we also aim help you find good Christian content from websites beyond the UK.