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What does it mean to be a Christian?

Being a Christian means having hope where there seems to be no hope.

If you listened to some people you would get the impression that being a Christian means throwing out your brain and having a superior attitude and sadly you will find a few Christians who seem to confirm this image. But they create completely the wrong impression of what being a Christian means. Have you ever noticed that it is usually those who shout the loudest who get noticed rather than those who have a good point to make? The loudest Christians are often not the best ones.

Follower of Christ

Being a Christian is all about following Jesus Christ. This is where the name comes from Christian = follower of Christ.

There is very strong evidence that says Jesus existed and also strong evidence that the gospels are very accurate descriptions of what Jesus did and taught. The vast majority of historians really do support this view.

What was is Jesus like? – The Gospels

We know what Jesus was like because people who actually spent time with him have described their experiences in four books (the gospels). Each one written by a different person and yet describing Jesus in the same way (each of these books stands as a record on its own – it was Christians who later put the them together in the bible). Whatever you think of Jesus today the gospels are very accurate descriptions of what the people who actually knew Jesus thought of him.

It’s not about religion

It is the strong historical evidence coupled with the personal experiences of others that has lead many to say that we want to follow Jesus. If a person was not absolutely convinced that Jesus was a real person who lived, taught, died and came back to life then they would not be a follower of Jesus. It is not about rules and regulations it is about following this one man Jesus. It’s not about condemnation and escape from the raging fires of hell it is about a growing relationship with God in Jesus.

Not all answers but faith, hope and love

Few Christians have all the answers but we have discovered something wonderful and that is that God loves us enough to send his son so we can live.

Jesus then offers us hope when there seems to be none.

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