We asked ourselves ‘Where can we find free online daily devotionals and Bible readings?’

This page contains links to various Bible reading devotionals and plans. It is not an exhaustive list!

Bible devotionals and reading plans are generally intended to help draw you close in relationship to God, to help you hear and talk to God and to help you understand the Bible better and help you find a time to focus on God.

There are many good devotionals and plans out there, some very well-known and some less well-known. Daily devotionals and Bible reading plans can help you to focus on a specific time each day with God and create a start for regular, consistent communication with God, as well as increasing understanding of the Bible and help you to regularly reading the Bible.

As with all of these kinds of ‘helper’ ideas, they are not for everyone, or they may just be a help for a season to encourage you to get focussed again. Generally, they are not intended to be used exclusively as a replacement to studying the Bible fully yourself, or to hinder you from studying the Bible and understanding the Bible and what it means or is saying to you personally at any time.

Below, we have gathered a list of daily Bible readings and devotions that are available free online and through apps. It is worth noting that there are many more devotionals available, aside from these, to buy in print and online. So if there is nothing here that interests you, then please do take a look at what else is available. Our A-Z of BRN might help.



Over to you…

This list is just a start and a selection of the resources out there. So now, its over to you…if we’ve missed anything for this list, please submit a link here, or contact UK Christian Web and let us know, so we can add more. Many thanks.