Jesus is the way, the truth, the life.

Where there is the light of truth, the darkness cannot also be.

Restored relationship with God the Father is found through Jesus alone.

On-going and being re-shaped clay vessel.

Build on solid foundations, not on the sand.

Love, hope and faith transcend knowledge, even though knowledge can sometimes be good.

History either points forward or back to the Cross. Today and everyday we remember the Cross.

The Bible is more than a story or a simple instruction book for life. It is made alive by the Holy Spirit in us, a library of 66 books inspired by God. It is 100 accurate in that it contains 100 percent of what we need to know (as opposed to what we might want to know). Of itself it does not directly contain all answers to every question in the universe without the completing pure influence and wisdom of the Holy Spirit.

Man’s interpretation of the Bible is often what is fundamentally wrong, not the Bible itself.

The gospel is not complicated. It is made complicated by man.

Heaven is a good place to be, Hell / Hellfire / Hades etc are not. These are mentioned in the Bible, and therefore important – and critical to know about especially in relation to the gospel message.

Sin is defined in the Bible and born witness to by the Holy Spirit, the understanding of which is a critical part of the gospel message.

A part truth is no truth at all.

Sitting on the fence concerning Arminianism vs. Calvinism – but facing more toward Calvinism.

Heaven = Eternity with God – the alternative is eternally separate/without God.