There are lots of different resources available to help you read… study and better understand the Bible. Here you will find a growing collection of articles, feeds, resources and information about the Bible. The information includes pages about Bible colleges, Bible translations, Bible games, Bibles to purchase, daily Bible reading and more.

The Rapture? Yes/No & How/When

The question I'll admit generally I am a person who does not concern oneself excessively with the whole rapture is interesting, but ultimately I think it is superceeded / trumped / less important by far than the main gospel message for today- and every day...

An interesting blog about men and women of Scripture

Blogs about men and women of Scripture, which can be used as Bible studies for individuals or small groups.   The note from the author states (quote taken from the website These studies aren’t claiming to be the definitive...

Bible translations

There are many translations available of the Bible - not all are good! Over time, we hope to add to and refine this page of information about Bible translations - there is a lot of useful information online, and we hope to point you to what is in our opinion the best...

An A to Z of Bible Reading Notes

There are many different Bible reading plans and resources available to you to help walk you through the Bible and understand it better or make it relevant for today. Bible reading plans and notes are not for everyone - and sometimes they are just for a 'season'....

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