Bible Colleges

There are many Bible colleges in the UK. These provide many different courses and subjects from youthwork to counselling to study of Hebrew and Greek and church history.

These are offered at many different academic levels including degrees, diplomas, certificates and postgraduate courses, and there are many ways to study including full-time, part-time, online etc.

Keep in mind that many universities also offer theology courses, and other courses – there are plenty of places on the internet where you can get more information about such courses. Of course, if it is not a Christian based university, the teaching and theology might be very different along with the overall environment for study and fellowship. For some this might be something to consider. Keep an eye out for who accredits any relevant courses run by some Bible colleges – it might matter to you who is accrediting a course. Most importantly consider any options prayerfully, with wisdom and seek Godly confirmation.



Other websites which list Bible colleges and distance learning options:


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