What kind of church is it that makes a difference today?

In 2015, the the Evangelical Alliance (EA) researched and produced a report called What Kind of Church?. Now, inspired by their research, the EA has produced a set of videos encouraging the Church to make a difference for today. This is the first video in the series.

God has called us to be a people for this today, this generation, this age

These are testing times for the church in the UK, and many churches are struggling as the world around them changes. But it doesn’t need to be too big a mountain to climb. The Christian church should have a major part to play, as it has in the past, in the life of this country and it’s people. Since church is not about the building, or where we meet, it is about the people.

God is still calling – and will continue to call – Christians to be a people who are active, alive, responding to, and involved with this generation and this age. If you think many churches – and by default many of the people in the church – have lost their way, what impact does that have on how today’s church is perceived? This first video is an encouragement and challenge to start thinking differently about church.