Month: November 2011

Poll – Can women be in top leadership positions within Christianity?

This question is open to all, and not meant to be simply a statement about the current topical issues regarding the Church of England vote, although the vote did prompt the wider question for the poll. ‘Top positions’ defined: We generally mean preaching, church leadership/eldership/vicar/pastor etc – i.e. much more than just ‘small group’ or worship team. We’re not making further comment so as not to risk influencing the voting in any way. Please cast your vote before looking at the results, and try not to consider the question for too long before voting!   Can women be in...

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Poll – Is the UK a Christian country?

In late 2011, David Cameron said the UK is a Christian country. Here are some links to articles from various media sources explaining a little more about what he said and what he meant by it: The Guardian article BBC News article Evangelical Alliance comment article …if you search on the internet, I’m sure you can find many more. So, with all this in mind, we’ve set up a poll to see what you think by asking the question: ‘Is the UK a Christian country?’ This might depend on what your understanding of the word ‘Christian’ is, and...

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Went out for a brisk walk to clear a headache earlier – it was a dark, clear night. As I stopped walking and stared into the sky I gradually saw more and more stars – thousands of them were revealed as I looked. I had to stop walking to look up to see more fully the beauty of the night’s sky. It is the same with the Bible. Sometimes we need to stop and look more closely at it to more fully comprehend its wonders. Psalm 119:18 says: Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in your...

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