Month: January 2012

Creation, Evolution, Dinosaurs the Bible and all that…

Some random thoughts on the creation / evolution debate and Christianity A few rational thoughts leaving aside faith and belief for a moment. If you accept (or believe) one viewpoint to start with, you won’t accept the other unless something changes. Firstly, is this true? If it is, it works both ways, of course, and it is no surprise in a fallen world that there are many weird theories and rumours and options – the Bible tells us this will happen. the fact that something is ‘weird and wacky’ (perhaps not to everyone) doesn’t make it wrong necessarily. Current science is often stated as fact (or at least part fact) – until new science superceeds it or adds to it, or takes away from it. Man doesn’t know everything – infact, most of the time, in the exciting world that we live, and the way we are, new discoveries only create more questions to answer – another sign that there is something more to all this – a bigger picture some of which we can’t yet see. The world was flat until science ‘prooved’ that it was round – however, even now, there are people who still believe the earth is flat – even I would agree that they are misguided! Creation vs Evolution The account of creation in the beginning of Genesis and indeed the first few books...

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The church is here to preach the gospel – but how?

Church is more than Sunday Christianity is 365/24/7 – church is more than a Sunday – what we do and say in every area of our lives, not just when actually preaching the gospel – telling people about Jesus – is vital in terms of witnessing to the truth. So I think the ideal church should be more than just preaching the gospel – it should also be living it. Perhaps both are closer than we sometimes think. I think that is when a church can be most effective. Put it this way – if you only preach the...

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