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Word, Spirit, Word, Spirit…in balance

The ‘unbalanced’ church?… There is a tendency for some churches to be too focused on the experiences of the Holy Spirit – as a church they end up seeking the experience rather than where the experience should be rooted (Jesus). In the end all that remains is outward display that means nothing without the Word of God in the heart. Equally, there are other churches which focus on the Word of God to the point of excluding the Spirit and anything possibly to do with the Spirit. In the end they become dry because the Holy Spirit that brings...

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Bible Colleges

There are many Bible colleges in the UK. These provide many different courses and subjects from youthwork to counselling to study of Hebrew and Greek and church history.   These are offered at many different academic levels including degrees, diplomas, certificates and postgraduate courses, and there are many ways to study including full-time, part-time, online etc.   Keep in mind that many universities also offer theology courses, and other courses – there are plenty of places on the internet where you can get more information about such courses. Of course, if it is not a Christian based university, the...

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Where are you grounded?

Another beautifully simple message from the Bible I was reading Luke 8:4-15 earlier today, and it struck me how beautifully simple the message is. It reveals how important and valuable God’s word is, and what happens in different situations when God’s word is heard. As you read it, consider the question: where am I grounded – am I grounded on ‘good soil’?   Parable of the Farmer Scattering Seed One day Jesus told a story in the form of a parable to a large crowd that had gathered from many towns to hear him: “A farmer went out to...

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While at the London 2012 Paralympics…inspirational

The London 2012 Paralympics Well, I had the privilege of attending an athletics morning at the London 2012 Paralympics in the main stadium. Having not travelled to the 2012 Olympics until now, it was great to experience the atmosphere as nearly 80,000 people cheered Richard Whitehead to his 200M Paralympic Gold and a new World Record.   Thank you all… The many volunteers guiding people around the park and keeping things moving along with a smile and very polite – I thank you all.   Parallels in the Christian life But, one other thing stuck with me from the...

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Poll – Should Christians use online dating?

In this poll we’re asking for a ‘gut’ reaction to the idea of using online dating, simply if it is right or wrong or if it depends on the situation. Some will probably say, ‘why are you even asking the question? – there’s obviously nothing wrong with using the internet to meet someone, especially as there is a shortage of eligible Christians in my local area’. However, others would raise questions about safety, and also being more vulnerable to making the finding of a partner higher up the priority than relationship with God. Others might add into the argument...

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