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Christian Jobs / Volunteer

Welcome to the Christian Job section. We have our own dedicated UK focussed Christian jobs board where you can join as an employer and post new job opportunities or volunteer opportunities for free. If you are looking for a new job, to change career or work, you can view the job adverts here. If you are an employer and would like to register and add a job, click here. We have also included here links to other job websites which advertise Christian vacancies and voluntary work focussed on the UK and also internationally. This is offered in the hope...

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Christian Events and Conferences

We are continuing to compile a list of key Christian events that happen all around the UK on a regular basis. We’ve made a start, but this list is always open to being added to, and is not intended to be exhaustive! It is designed to be a ‘launch pad’ so you can access information that you might need or search further for yourself. Let us know of a possible site you think should be included in the list here (please note that a link submission does not automatically mean the link will be added). You can add your...

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The law and Jesus and grace and love

Thoughts and musings on a ‘big picture’ Biblical response to the issue of the law and relation to Jesus, grace, love. We can’t ignore the law We cannot ignore the law, but we, in our own strength cannot achieve it’s high standards, for the law has a purpose to highlight sin (Romans 3:20). So how do we proceed, especially if we are bound up in thinking that we must achieve, in the law alone, the standards that God has set – even if we perhaps know who Jesus is – even what he has achieved in His ministry and...

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The phrase ‘free will’ and predestination

Some random thoughts on the phrase ‘free will’ and also predestination and whether the Bible does conflict in this (I don’t think it does). “Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done.” (Luke 22:42) Jesus clearly has a will of His own, separate from the Fathers’, with which he could make choices, but he clearly submitted his will to the Father completely. This is further enforced by John 6:38.   The phrase ‘free will’ It is interesting first to observe that Jesus has a will of His own, and...

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The Gospel good news, bad news, or both and the half-truth gospel?

The Gospel good news, bad news, or both? These days it seems many Christians are keen to keep away from the ‘bad news’ of the Gospel – the places where mankind stands in relation to God, sin, and all that. I think without the bad news first, the truth of the Gospel is not complete and a half-truth is really no truth at all. Others are keen only to speak of condemnation, the wrath of God and of pushing hell, sometimes, so the good news is all but lost amongst a torrent of doom. Jesus does not condemn, he...

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