There are many translations available of the Bible – not all are good! Over time, we hope to add to and refine this page of information about Bible translations – there is a lot of useful information online, and we hope to point you to what is in our opinion the best available. Below we include a group of links and information to the more common and ‘mainstream’ translations of the Bible, but first a couple of links looking at why there are so many translations.


Why are there so many translations?

An article by Dr. Dale A Robbins
Wikipedia on Bible translations
Bible Society on how the Bible was translated


Looking at the different translations:

The Bible gateway allows you to search over 100 different versions
English translations of the Bible – Wikipedia gives a brief comparision chart of main translations. – About Bible Translations
Bible version debate – Wikipedia


e-Sword Home is a fantastic Bible resource with many features and you can search many versions of the Bible and do parallel comparison of versions too.
An example using might be John 3:16


Purchase different Bible translations here.