Why is this website here? (the vision)

Our aim is ultimately to be a central resource and starting point for those seeking Christian content with a focus on the UK and beyond. We’re working hard to continue improving the sites with new additions and updates. The entire UK Christian Web network and websites are a group of on-going and expanding projects including Christian Forums, Christian Website Directory, UK Christian Book Shop, Christian Articles, UK Christian Jobs, volunteer work, Christian E-cards and more UK Christian resources.


Original main aims of the site

Although the network has changed over the years, much of it still remains committed to the original main aims of the site. These were:

  • To bring together in one place useful Christian information focused on the UK and Christian information and websites from around the world.
  • Use this web site as a launch pad to further study and information about Christianity on the internet.
  • To make the web more accessible to Christians.
  • To fill and maintain a need for a web site with a bias towards UK content but including content drawn from a variety of sources and from all around the internet for UK Christians and beyond.
  • To seek out and link to quality Christian content from all over the world wide web.


Always interested to take a look at good Christian content

We are currently looking for appropriate articles and information to add to our Christianity sections – particularly ones about the tough questions in life and Christianity, Bible studies and other useful articles. Visit here to contact us about submitting articles you’ve written or getting information from your site reviewed for possible publication on UKCW too.

Please contact us if you think you might be able to help. Click here to contact us. Please note submission of content does not automatically imply acceptance or publication. UKCW reserves the right at all to choose the content that is published on the site.


Some history of UK Christian Web

UK Christian Web has been on-line since 2000. Before that it was previously called Trev’s UK Christian Contacts – which started life as a small Christian links database back in the mid 1990s. Click here to see an image of how Trev’s UK Christian Contacts site looked. This example is not an exact representation of the original first ever version of the site – sadly this has been lost now. One of the first versions of UK Christian Web looked like this: Click here to view image. Since 2000, UK Christian Web has been through many design versions until the latest you are using now. More detailed information can be found here.


Please Note

Some areas of the UKCW site contain some non-Christian content, and/or link to web pages outside the UK. Note that we don’t have control over content on these pages, the adverts which appear on various pages nor on the pages linked from UKCW. Please always use your discernment when viewing any web page.