In this poll we’re asking for a ‘gut’ reaction to the idea of using online dating, simply if it is right or wrong or if it depends on the situation.

Some will probably say, ‘why are you even asking the question? – there’s obviously nothing wrong with using the internet to meet someone, especially as there is a shortage of eligible Christians in my local area’. However, others would raise questions about safety, and also being more vulnerable to making the finding of a partner higher up the priority than relationship with God.

Others might add into the argument that pushing ahead with on-line dating leaves less room for God to work by forcing the issue, rather than meeting someone be in God’s timing not ours. All these things perhaps depend on a lot of factors and personal experience.

Please cast your vote before looking at the results, and try not to consider the question for too long before voting!


Should Christians use online dating?

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The whole question of singleness and the church seems to be a ‘hot topic’ for many Christians, both those that are yet to find a marriage partner and those that are married to understand why others remain single and the challenges that being single can bring.

I do think this is a subject which needs to be discussed and which needs careful consideration. Many people will be at different places.

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