Month: February 2012

Poll – Arminianism or Calvinism or other…?

There are two main commonly accepted views regarding salvation – Arminianism or Calvinism. This is just a poll for interest to find out which people consider to be most accurate description in their opinion. If you are unsure of the differences, there is a brief comparison chart here   Arminianism or Calvinism or other... Calvinism Arminianism Somewhere between Calvinism and Arminianism Other View Results  Loading...

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Are you prepared for Church (or any meeting)?

Do you spend any time preparing for a meeting (e.g. prayer meeting) or for Church? – by this I mean being expectant for things to happen in terms of God working in people’s lives, taking time just to listen for God before a meeting, or praying and seeking God asking him to enable you to contribute like a Bible verse – not necessarily to share during the meeting as in some churches this would not be an option (sadly IMHO). Personally, I think God, by his Holy Spirit, can speak to anyone through another – and is not just...

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Christian interaction with the world?

It seems there is an ever-increasing tension between the ‘world’ and the Christian faith. So, why am I bothering to point this out as most people probably are already aware of this anyway? Because, it is important to see and try to understand what happens – how people react, what is said – to be wise in understanding – not to ignore what is going on around. Are we burying our heads? My current thinking is Christians cannot bury their heads or let someone else deal with it, or ignore it now, because sooner or later its entirely possible...

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The Rapture? Yes/No & How/When

The question I’ll admit generally I am a person who does not concern oneself excessively with the whole rapture issue…it is interesting, but ultimately I think it is superceeded / trumped / less important by far than the main gospel message for today- and every day – by this I mean the difference between the following two questions: Correct: Where is my relationship with God today? Wrong: What should my relationship be with God if / when rapture occurs and why and how is the rapture important? How important? If nothing else, for this reason I personally, while accepting...

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Be true to yourself by first knowing your true self in God…

A reminder of the important things in life, but just missing one point – the most important point, from which all else, including the stuff in the video is the true source and motivation. Without God, the things in the video below are just ‘good works’ and nice thoughts in the world we live – but consider the video in the context of my paragraph below to include the most important point, by way of introduction, before considering the rest of the things in the video. Although it’s not a Christian video, by way of encouragement, a little thought...

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