In late 2011, David Cameron said the UK is a Christian country.

Here are some links to articles from various media sources explaining a little more about what he said and what he meant by it:
The Guardian article
BBC News article
Evangelical Alliance comment article

…if you search on the internet, I’m sure you can find many more.

So, with all this in mind, we’ve set up a poll to see what you think by asking the question:
‘Is the UK a Christian country?’

This might depend on what your understanding of the word ‘Christian’ is, and on a number of other influencing factors, but responses might just give a general ‘flavour’ of where the country is actually at. You can vote below, and you can discuss this question (and others) HERE.

Please note: It is best for you to cast your vote before you view the results.

Is the UK a Christian country?

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